Our History

The parish was established in 1967 by the Most Reverend Bishop of Brownsville, Humberto Madeiros, D.D., who in 1970, was appointed by the Holy Father as Cardinal Archbishop of Boston.

The first building was a mobile home for its first pastor, Rev. Monsignor Patrick Doherty. Sunday Mass was celebrated at Stell Intermediate School until May 31, 1970, when Cardinal Medeiros blessed the first two completed facilities, the school and the auditorium (the present Ferreira Parish Hall).

The convent, which provided living quarters for the Sisters of the Holy Ghost was completed in 1970. The Sisters, assisted by a number of lay teachers, staffed the newly built school. Three years later on Thanksgiving eve, 1973, the rectory was completed.

Monsignor Doherty was asked in January, 1974, by Bishop John J. Fitzpatrick, D.D., to establish a neighboring parish of St. Luke. Thus the task of building St. Mary’s fell upon the new pastor, Father John C. Lambert.  Together with the Parish Council in consultation with the Building Committee and after many months of study, planning and research, ground was broken on November 11, 1975, the Feast of the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica in Rome.

The blessing of St. Mary’s church was on October 29, 1976. Presiding was Bishop John J. Fitzpatrick.

The current pastor is Msgr. Bert Diaz who celebrate his first Mass as pastor of St. Mary’s on February 2012.

Mary, Mother of the Church seats 628 persons with 60 additional ones in the Chapel. There are parking facilities for 215 cars with additional parking available across both Barnard Road and Los Ebanos. Following modern church design, the seating is arranged in a fan shape with the sanctuary the focal point so that all are able to see and hear the Liturgy and fully participate. No one is farther than 12 pews form the altar.

There are 2500 families in the parish. Attendance at Sunday worship averages about 2990 faithful. With over 600 children participating the the Continuing Christian Education (CCE) program and over 610 students enrolled in the school, this Parish is making great strides in educating the future leaders of the Church.

Pastors From 1967 To Present

Msrg. Patrick Doherty 1967-1974
Fr. John Lambert 1974-1977
Fr. Leo Ferreira1977-1988
Fr. Gilbert Piette1988-1989
Msgr. Gustavo Barrera 1997-2007
Fr. Ricardo Garcia 2007-2011
Msgr. Bert Diaz 2011- Present