On the day of your wedding, you will begin an entirely new relationship that will need your attention every day of your married life. Your previous relationship had built-in expectations of what living together as husband and wife was going to be like. Soon after the wedding, you may realize that your expectations are unlike the reality experienced as a married couple. A marriage is a vocation.

The commitment required in the covenant is a constant. The decision to love and make the relationship a life-giving one is as demanding as it is joyous. You will soon realize that the married relationship is in need of nourishment and enrichment if it is going to prosper through the good times and the bad times. Married couples experience many “marriages” with each other during their partnership.

Every major joyous or sad event a couple experiences alters the married relationship, one way or another. This means that the couple is going to have to renegotiate the marriage to be able to continue the partnership. It is crucial for the couple to be prepared to renegotiate each “marriage”, using all the skills at their disposal. In order to help you and your fiancee live an intimate partnership of conjugal life and love, the Diocese of Brownsville provides a loving, practical preparation.

This begins with your first contact with the pastor or delegate at least six (6) months in advance of your proposed wedding date. At that time, the priest or someone delegated will inform you of the necessary steps for your marriage preparation.